A proposal of an amendment to the Insolvency Act should provide an access to the debt relief institute to a wider scope of debtors

A proposal to Act by which Act no. 182/2006 Coll. is to be modified
Status of discussion: 1st reading

The Minister of Justice had presented the proposal of the amendment to the Insolvency Act, which was submitted on 20 March 2018 at the session of the Czech Parliament. This proposal was presented in connection with the solution of practical issues (excessive indebtedness of natural persons, debtors are in debt traps, in a state where claims are impossible to be paid in practice).

By the proposal, it is to be remedied the currently unfavorable situation in terms of the number of persons affected by the execution. There are 863 thousand of persons held in execution, almost half a million citizens have three or more execution proceedings in progress against them, a total of 4.67 million executions are ongoing, 75 executions are started every hour, and CZK 239 billion is now being enforced in execution.

The aim of the proposal is to make the debt relief institute available to a wider scope of debtors. The basic points of the proposal are:

The new arrangement should be especially suitable for honest debtors, which is a debtor who provides all the eligible assets to cover the debts and spends all efforts for repayment of his or her debt during 7 years. A faster debt relief would then be possible for debtors who have repaid at least 50% of their receivables within 3 years. To such debtors, it will be available a combination of their asset sales and repayment schedule.