Amendment to the Building Act introduces, inter alia, institute of co-ordinated proceeding which is a connection of zoning and building proceedings.


The Amendment shortens the process of modification and update of zoning and planning documentation such as zoning plan. Newly, a municipal assembly’s decision on report on application of zoning plan during preceding period or on other similar documents will not be necessary. The condition for effectiveness of each update and change of zoning and planning documentation shall be its publication on the website.

The Amendment introduces a co-ordinated proceeding. Such proceeding is a connection of zoning and building proceedings and it can be used in case of particular constructions as well as complex of buildings. An applicant may choose whether to proceed by a way of two separate proceedings or to require an issuance of the co-ordinated permit. A proceedings regarding an assessment of impacts on environment (EIA process) shall be integrated part of the co-ordinated proceeding as well.

Proceedings regarding constructions where a notification is sufficient shall be shortened from 30 to 15 days. An administrative load shall be limited regarding small builders. Regarding the construction of family houses, a mere notification shall be sufficient and the building authority should subsequently issue the permit within one month.

The Amendment further enables a self-help construction regarding any type of family houses without limitation of the built-up area. A construction of pools or greenhouse on the plot of land for family house or a plot of land for family recreation shall be possible on the basis of their mere placement without the permitting process.

In the event that an application relates to an immovable divided to flat units, the builder will newly submit only the consent of administrator or association of unit owners, whereas consents of other owners won’t be necessary.

Amendment to Act no. 183/2006 Coll.

current status: subject to signature of the president of the Czech Republic