Amendment to the Cadastral Act provides for new methods of land division


As of 1 January 2018, new methods how to divide a land have been established. This is a consequence of the Amendment to the Cadastral Act made in connection with the major amendment to the Building Act, about which we have already informed you on the AK-PS Legal News site.

The main news is that it is now possible to register the land division according to the geometric plan without changing its owner, i.e. only on the basis of the notification from the Building Authority that it agrees with the land division. Until now, it has been necessary for the land division to change the legal relationship to it at the same time (ownership, lien, etc.). Any change of land borders was therefore reflected in the Real Estate Register only when the new owner’s ownership right to the separated land, deletion of the lien on part of the land, etc., was registered in the Real Estate Register. Although the already mentioned Building Authority's notification was a mandatory attachment to a motion to the Real Estate Register, you were not able to use it as a motion itself. Now, it will be enough by itself.

Thus, from now on it will be much easier for the owner to divide his land in advance and then to deal with the already divided land.

Act no. 225/2017 Coll.
With effect from: 1 January 2018