Amendment to the Employment Act newly regulates the area of employment of people with disabilities in order to reduce the administrative burden on employers in this field


The Amendment replaces the "institution of a protected workspace" by recognizing the employer fulfilling the specified conditions and by undertaking to report on its activities on an annual basis. The result will be, among other things, a publicly available list of recognized employers, to be used e.g. for authorization to provide a substitutive performance.

From 2018, the annual limit of the substitutive performance for authorized suppliers is reduced from 36 times to 28 times.

An electronic registration system will be in place to monitor the limits of the substitutive performance. The aim is to reduce the abuse of the system in the form of so-called re-invoicing of products and services. In this respect, the law imposes an obligation on the authorized providers to enter data on the provided supplies in this system operated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

There remains a possibility of obtaining support for the establishment and the operating costs of the work place for people with disabilities, and this support is no longer conditional to conclusion of an agreement on establishment of a sheltered employment. Further changes are in the structure and amount of the contribution, which is also simplified.

The Amendment further extends the period of validity of the aid for the socially efficient employment from 12 to 24 months.

Act no. 327/2017 Coll.
With effect from: 1 January 2018