Amendment to the Labour Code provides for changes in relation to a new sickness benefit – a long-term care-giver’s allowance

Act no. 310/2017 Coll.
With effect from: 1 June 2018

The entitlement to long-term care-giver’s allowance will be provided to an insured person who carries out the care of a person who needs a long-term care in the home environment and is not employed nor self-employed. A prerequisite for obtaining the allowance will be a serious deterioration in the health condition of the treated person, which requires at least 7 days of hospitalization and on the day of release it will be confirmed that the need for all-day care will last for at least another 30 days. A written consent from the treated person is also required.

A concurrence of the allowance and any wage compensation will not be possible. In the context of the allowance, a ban on termination notices in the protection period shall apply. The period for which the long-term care is provided will not be calculated for the purposes of the reduction of leave for absence with leave under Article 223 of the Labor Code. The vacation will be interrupted as well as in the case of providing care of a family member. However, the interruption will not occur if the leave is intended for the period of the long-term care at the request of that family member.