Amendment to the Statutory measure of Senate no. 340/2013 Coll., on real estate acquisition tax

Amendment no. 254/2016 Coll.
With effect from: 1 November 2016

The amendment changes the real estate acquisition tax payer. Newly the tax payer will always be the acquirer of the real estate. This change will affect the acquisition of ownership right realized after 1 November 2016. The tax concerning acquisitions realized before 1 November 2016 will be still payed by the transferor (in principle). With regard to the change of the tax payer, the concept of guarantee will be removed. The tax rate will remain unaffected.

The amendment also modifies the conception of exemption from the obligation to pay the tax. The exemption will relate only to the first for payment acquisition of family house or residential unit in an apartment building, which are completed or being used. It does not apply to acquisition of incomplete buildings or units. The acquisition of the ownership right shall be carried out in 5 years after the completion of the house or unit or after the commencement of their use (depends on which day occurred earlier) (open the official wording).