Government Order No. 276/2015 Coll., on Compensation of Pain and Social Impairment Caused by Work Injury or Occupational Disease

With effect from: 26 October 2015 In connection with the change of the Labour Code the Government has modified a point evaluation of pain and social impairment (in Czech: ztížení společenského uplatnění) caused by work injury or occupational disease.

Newly, one point corresponds to the amount of CZK 250 (in comparison with the former CZK 120). The order also increases the point evaluation itself of most of the injuries listed in the annex of the order. The number of points awarded can be further increased due to complications based on their seriousness (in case of the minor ones by 10% at maximum, the middle ones by 30% and the most serious ones by 50%) or necessity of a demanding treatment (up to 50% at maximum). The final amount of the point evaluation in particular case should be specified by the physician in the medical assessment.

The order also specifies the procedure of issuing of the medical assessment. Newly, there are uniform requirements of the medical assessments on evaluation of pain and social impairment. This aims to unify the structure of evaluation, enable its reviewability and make the medical assessment a reliable basis for determination of the amount of compensation and redress. The order further specifies in more detail what the pain and social impairment mean.