Senate Amendment to the Civil Procedure Code, Act on Public Auctions and Insolvency Act should resolve the problem of payment of the unit owners’ obligations related to the management of the house and the land.

Under the current situation, the unit owners who duly fulfil their obligations are forced to be liable for the obligations of those unit owners who owe quite often a significant amount of money for the house and land management. The Amendment therefore introduces a principle under which receivables towards the unit owner relating to the house and land management will be satisfied preferentially. The above-mentioned receivables will be satisfied from the assets after satisfaction of the costs incurred by the State in the enforcement proceedings, up to one tenth of the proceeds from the sale of the unit.

The person responsible for the house and land management will have the right to file the receivable until the opening of the auction session at the latest, provided that such receivable is claimed before the court.

Act no. 291/2017 Coll.
With effect from: 1 December 2017