The bills of the Government on Experts and Interpreters separate the legislation on experts and interpreters into two independent regulations and specify stricter rules of providing their services

The bill which repeals the Act No. 36/1967 Coll., on Experts and Interpreters, and the Bill on Court Interpreters and Court Translators
Legislature status: 2nd reading

In January the Government approved new bills on experts and interpreters which should replace the obsolete legislation of Act No. 36/1967 Coll.  The experts' activities should be regulated in the future in two separate laws, not together as now. Compared to the today's legislation, the new regulations will be more sophisticated in the matters of conditions for performance, control and remuneration. As an example, we could mention a mandatory insurance of experts and new specification of their liability for damage.

First of all, the bill envisages an implementation of a new register and electronic activity records. Under the new law, after fulfilling the qualification requirements, the applicant will have a legal right to be enrolled in the register of experts and interpreters. It also comes up with an increase of remunerations, stricter obligations towards the expert institutes, extension of the inspection rights and review of the expert opinions.