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AK-PS was founded in 2001 in Prague. Currently, we operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy providing legal services in 7 languages (CZ, EN, ITA, DE, FRA, SK and RUS).

Through the IGAL network AK-PS is able to cover 45 other countries.
Our team of 10 experienced lawyers are used to working in dedicated project teams which are always well known to our client.

Our approach is strictly individual with high quality services guaranteed by multilevel quality assurance and control.
We make conducting business simple and easy by providing you with complex legal solutions. For us, our task does not end when the negotiations are over and contracts signed.
Our mission is to constantly surprise and pamper you.

Asset Protection

We all deal with with assets. We live, we work and we take care of our privacy and families. A single poorly considered step can cause the loss of our precious things.

As a part of our Family Office service, we help protect you, your family and assets. At the same time we enable you to achieve the highest levels of privacy, a rare commodity in this day and age.

Moreover, we offer you assistance in complex structureed management of your assets and their preservation for future generations.

Through our membership in the IGAL network we can provide legal and tax services in 45 countries worldwide.



We protect your assets.

Anyone who has acquired a certain amount of wealth knows how much hard work is associated with this effort. Acquisition of wealth and its preservation and protection are two different things. Each requires different approach and skills. 
Each day is full of unpredictable situations. Do not let anything surprise you and find you unprepared.
We would like to introduce you to our Asset Protection service. It closely connects the legal protection of property as defined by existing legislation, for example the narrowing of the institution of communal property, and offers a stronger and much more complex level of legal protection. Over the years we have encountered many cases where our clients did nothing wrong and still suffered damages. On the following pages you can read several case studies we have prepared based on real events.
  • Professional advice would have prevented the spouses from asset loss
  • Debt of CZK 15million attached to communal property. Our Discrete structure would have prevented this
  • Director argued new management resulting in a CZK 9million debt collection.
  • Discrete asset administration would have saved millions. Petr would not have lost his real estate.
  • Petra lost her ID and real estate, too. It will be difficult to get it back. 
  • Unnotarised written will was invalid. Beneficiary received nothing.
  • A son lost control over his business. After the father passed away the family lost their apartment block



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We make your life easier.

„Family Office is a concept that provides legal and other services for management of financial and personal affairs of wealthy individuals. Family Office is based on tailor-made customer solutions and confidential services provided by highly skilled professionals.“  Forbes


Managing and protecting your family affairs and assets requires the same care as your business. Entrust it to the right hands.

Family Office´s commitment is to care about you and your family.

Family Office does not only include Family Law consulting. This service brings you confidential and complex solutions for management and protection of your personal assets and potential transfer to future generations.


Family Office guarantees you:

  • Protection and further development of your assets.
  • Stability and success for your family.
  • Making your visions in line with your values come true.


AK-PS Family Office:

We provide you with complex legal services, particularly in:

  • Asset Protection
  • Asset management and maintenance
  • Asset arrangement in the event of death
  • Handover to the next generation of the family
  • Legal representation in the event of complicated situations and/or life crisis
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Furthermore, we offer tax and accounting services, private banking and insurance advice, property management including real estate services, even personal services such as resolution of potentially difficult family situations using the services of a psychologist. All these services are provided by our trusted Family Office partners. We are also happy to co-operate with your existing providers.
Your decision to join us will secure the service you need and relieve you from the burden of these most complicated tasks.